who are we

Prestige is an integrated company for managing events and organizing conferences, exhibitions and business trips. Its headquarters are in Baghdad, Iraq.

The company was established in 2017, it's offering its professional services in managing and organizing all kinds of events, exhibitions and conferences. It also takes pride in its full professional concentration on its clients and the long-term relations with them.

Our main goal is working with our clients and adopting their communication and marketing strategies in order to host social events, business trips, conferences and exhibitions that reflect their message and core beliefs in a varied and fascinating way, in an aim to better event management locally and internationally in a professional way via the company’s database, in order to provide our business partners with participants and sponsors and facilitate all obstacles that might come their way, with the help of state of the art organizational and strategical frameworks.


our vision 

Based on a belief that every project is unique in its creativity, scheduling of appointments and budget, our company is committed to seeing through your every activity successfully, and presenting creative new ideas that act as a link between project owners and investors, to answer to all the needs and services necessary; this makes Prestige the perfect choice for hosting significant events.

our approach

Creating and improving business plans and providing our clients with specific recommendations for hosting events. All of which will make the event the talk of the hour.

our aim

Our goal is focused on our client’s needs and the quality of the services provided, which are always up to our clients’ expectations, and which lead to long-term relations with them.

 Our staff will provide you with a creative and professional vision, as well as the expertise and skills necessary to host top events and functions, all the while focusing on achieving the best results

our message 

Focusing on details and on the quality and nature of work, through the quality of the requested services, thanks to an ever up-to-date knowledge in managing exhibitions and conferences, and keeping up with advancements in the field, in an aim to achieve the best results.

our values


Our work is shaped by our passion and enthusiasm, and powered by a deep understanding of the importance of our work. We provide support to each other in order to leave a life-changing effect that benefits all parties.


We don’t just say, we do. And we follow the highest professional and moral standards.


We take responsibility of our actions. And we aim to implement the values of modesty, transparency and competency in everything we do, making  the staff  part of decision-making and problem-solving processes, to raise their morale that improves productivity in the workplace.


We work together in a team spirit, hand in hand towards success and growth.


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contact us

office address

Al Mansour , Baghdad , Iraq

info number

(964 ) 771 777 1669

(964 ) 772 226 9111

(964 ) 782 226 9111

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