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We seek in the prestige company to organize exhibitions and conferences Primarily to meet your aspirations and upgrade to provide services that are compatible With what Iraq is witnessing in terms of development in all fields in a manner Accelerated. Our customers are our partners and our real capital, so their success Conveying their messages and improving the mental image of their products is our highest goals and priorities presented in all our work The Department of Exhibitions and Conferences organizing is distinguished by the efforts of a distinguished work team that has full experience and focuses on It uses creative and innovative methods and strives to be the leading company in its field.

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  • We organize and manage international and local exhibitions and conferences with the latest technology in terms of organization and management
  • Providing studies, consultations and suggestions, and preparing a plan for organizing exhibitions
  • Preparing proposals about the most appropriate place to hold the event
  • Innovating and creating new strategies in the field of exhibitions commensurate with the goal of the exhibition
  • Planning, organizing and managing the exhibition space optimally
  • Study the economic feasibility of holding various exhibitions
  • Cooperating with leading companies globally and locally in the exhibition industry all fields
  • Establishing and organizing public and specialized exhibitions
  • Design and print exhibitors' guides
  • Provide all equipment and accessories that are appropriate to the type of activity
  • Registering exhibitors and visitors and developing a database for that, and making use of Including for the purposes of - archiving, research and preparation of reports
  • Implementation of the ready stand for exhibitions
  • Design and implementation of special internal and external DESIGN SPECIAL suites
  • Assisting in administrative and legal affairs and providing consultations in signing necessary contracts
  • Provide male and female models who are fluent in foreign languages
  • Providing internet service for exhibitors and visitors


All companies work hard to distinguish their events from other events. This is achieved by resorting to a partner with great experience in the field of organizing And event management, where they have the ability to devise and create creative ideas. new, through which it gives the event its distinctive feature and makes it at the forefront of its competitors, we are fully aware of the most important requirements and elements to be available to organize and manage distinguished competitive events.

  • Organize academic, medical, commercial and training conferences. 
  • Prepare administrative, organizational, schematic and advisory meetings.
  • Annual meetings.
  • Press conferences.
  • Board meetings.
  • Special occasions, business dinners and corporate celebrations.
  • Opening ceremonies. 
  • VIP events and meetings


A good and purposeful design of the idea reflects your interest in your customers It makes it easier for you to communicate in an innovative way your needs and wants Your current and potential customers, so in PRESTIGE Company We are proud of the diversity of cultures and talents within our technical staff cultures of many nationalities come together and crystallize their ideas to come up with innovative cool designs, to impress your existing clients and the prospects are looking for their desires and satisfying them through what you offer Services

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Managing social media platforms

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Interior and exterior design and decoration for exhibitions, conferences and events


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